GXL posted: "Hi guys, this is to formally informed my visitors and fans that i will be officially closing the website. I don't have financial resource to support the site's monthly fee for space and bandwidth. Thank you for supporting the site for 5 years. Hope to see"

[New post] Sean Cody – Joshua Fucks Aiden Bareback

GXL posted: " Nice, these two look so good together. They look like a hot couple you'd see and think, "damn, I wanna go home with them!" Watch it here! Sean Cody - Joshua Fucks Aiden Bareback sc1473%20-%20Joshua%20Fucks%20Aiden%20Bareback%20-%202nd%20Sep%202012.w"

[New post] Sean Cody – Alexander & Christian (Bareback)

GXL posted: " Not really feeling this update. Alexander is ok but Christian is just not doing it for me. Watch it here! Sean Cody - Alexander & Christian (Bareback) Sean%20Cody%20-sc1475-%20Alexander%20%26%20Christian%20-%20Bareback.wmv Sean_Cody_-sc1475-_Alex"

[New post] Sean Cody – Joshua & Curtis (Bareback)

GXL posted: " OMG! This is the best update of the entire Sean Cody history! Brandon and Joshua together. I can't believe it! WOW! Watch it here! Sean Cody - Joshua & Curtis (Bareback) Sean%20Cody%20-sc1449-%20Joshua%20%26%20Curtis%20Bareback.wmv Sean_Cody_-sc1"

[New post] Sean Cody – Dane & Pierce (Bareback)

GXL posted: " Dane is awesome and he looks great with the beard but I never like his partners. Doesn't help that Pierce is used so much. I want to see Dane, Marshall, and Troy in all possible combinations! See video here! Sean Cody - Dane & Pierce (Bareback) S"

[New post] Sean Cody – Myles and Ethan

GXL posted: " It's rare for me to have a profoundly negative reaction to anyone at SC. But Myles is it. I was disturbed to see him paired with Curtis and hoped that was the end of him. But Ethan? Can't even. See the video here! Sean Cody - Myles and Ethan Sean%20Co"

[New post] Sean Cody – Sheldon

GXL posted: " Lots to like about him, and from the video and from his poses he seems queer. Let's hope he come back to fuck a few guys with that giant dick–and then take it afterwards. I'm OK with him going straight to bottoming too. ;) Download now here! Sean Cody"